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Pure freshness with Captain Sorb

Protection and freshness for high-quality clothing and shoes when traveling and at home!

Captain Sorb Garment and protective sleeves offer comfortable protection and pleasant freshness.

Thanks to a new type of functionality for storing and transporting high-quality clothes and shoes, unpleasant odors are removed from clothing and shoes without the use of chemicals. With their odor-absorbing function, Captain Sorb products also ensure maximum convenience when storing seasonal textiles and when transporting clothes when traveling.

    < li> Removes annoying smells from clothing and shoes
  • Enables the odorless storage of seasonal textiles
  • Offers protection and comfort for wardrobe while traveling

The inner workings of the Captain Sorb Due to its activated carbon coating, products cause gaseous impurities, which we perceive as bad smells, to be adsorbed, i.e. absorbed. Through a finely branched network of channels and pores, activated carbon offers a very large, inner surface. There odor molecules are absorbed and bound.

The activated carbon of a Captain Sorb garment cover , for example, has an inner surface of more than 100,000 m². That corresponds roughly to the area of ​​14 soccer fields. Gas molecules that cause odor when escaping from clothing or shoes “dock” inside the activated carbon grain, are retained and therefore not perceived as an odor. Captain Sorb garment and protective covers offer you comfortable protection and pleasant freshness.

Not only your wardrobe, but also your refrigerator benefits from the new Captain Sorb technology . With our Captain Sorb Filter Cube there is finally an end to unpleasant smells when opening the refrigerator door.

Hereliably adsorbs odor molecules from the environment and creates fresh and neutral air - your personal medium for cleaning and creating neutral air. Odor molecules are adsorbed quickly and easily using the circulating air. Place the filter cube upright in your refrigerator and experience freshness.

The Filter-Cube contains activated carbon, black abrasion is harmless and can be easily removed with soapy water. It can also be regenerated by heat treatment. To do this, place the refrigerator filter in the sun for a few hours or in the oven for an hour at 150 degrees and then ventilate it. The filter regenerated in this way is now fully efficient again and can be used again and again.