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Our complex protective mask

What does "function" in a face mask actually mean?

Time has very quickly changed and from now on we all have to learn to smile with our eyes and are forced to develop a new sensitivity for the protection of our environment.

It is getting more important to not only feel the current circumstances as a burden. We cannot change the situation, but we can change the way we deal with it. That’s why the function of a face mask is becoming more and more a big issue.

What does our helsamask stand for


The great advantage of textile masks over single-use masks is that they can be reused. Nowadays nobody can avoid sustainability. plastic bags and disposable cups are now so frowned upon in our society that each of us has probably caught ourselves feeling guilty about using them and felt exposed to the judgmental looks of others.

The helsamask is washable at 60 ° C and can be used again and again - our clear statement against disposable products!

Das besondere an der helsamask Gesichtsmaske ist der austauschbare Feinstaubfilter


The special highlight of the helsamask is the exchangeable fine dust filter. It may appear on the first sight like an inconspicuous piece of fabric, but it contains many great benefits. Not only does it protect the wearer‘s environment from many particles that we excrete when speaking, sneezing and coughing. It also offers the wearer of the mask the certainty to be saved to a limited extent against unwanted absorption of particles from the ambient air. A very good interdependency for both sides.

The helsamask offers through the incorporated filterpad an additionally barrier to unwanted particles.The replaceable particle filter provides a very good separation performance for particles with a size > 0,3 μm.The activated carbon filter pad with an additional layer of activated carbon material also offers reliable protection against harmful environmental influences such as smog and exhaust gases and smells.

Qualität aus verschiedensten Bereichen der Textilherstellung


The helsamask was developed by longtime experienced experts of textile manufacturing and filtration technology. The used materials, such as the high proportion of cotton in the outer fabric, are very high quality and were especially refined. As every good piece of clothing an ingenious sewing pattern for the optimal fit needs, of course our helsamask has one too. But it is not only the shape of the mask which is important, the devil is usually in the details. That’s why it was so important to us during the development to respond best to the needs of every face mask wearers.

Do you have to wear a mask all day during work?
On the long run, it can press and pinch behind the ears. With the adjustable rubber bands, you can not only adjust the size to your face, but also tie it behind your head and relieve your ears.

You wear glasses and are plagued by constantly fogged up glasses?
With our stable nose clip you can adapt the helsamask very well to your contour and if you then wear the glasses over the face mask, you are able say goodbye to a foggy look-through.

helsamask is made of high-quality materials, adapts perfectly to your face and can be worn in various ways, behind the ears and around the head. The most comfortable way to wear a mask all day long!