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Who we are?

Invisible, but indispensable for over 73 years

helsa® is a long-established company in the northern part of Bavaria since 1947. Our story started with a little piece of cotton wool. The founder Helmut Sandler made the very first shoulder pad out of it on his grandmother's old sewing machine, paving the way to becoming the world market leader until today. A small product that, as we all know, has determined our entire fashion scene for decades and is still an important integral part of well-fitting business fashion and couture.

Over the years, in addition to the textile production, the second major mainstay of helsa® became the activated carbon and fine dust filter production for molecular air purification.

Textile Gesichtsmasken Produktion aus Deutschland bei helsa®

The best of two worlds united in the helsamask

We have now been able to combine our excellent expertise in the two areas of assembly and filtration in our helsamask. Our face mask, was developed over many years and was originally designed for the Asian market to protect people in contaminated cities from smog and pollution. The combination of a fit that is perfectly adapted to the shape of the face and the exchangeable fine dust filter make our helsamask a unique mask in terms of comfort, durability and quality.

Thanks to our extensive know-how and our large network as an international company, we were able to react very quickly to the exceptional situation in which Corona led us all. We are constantly working on to improve our face mask and make wearing a mask more and more comfortable in the future.

If you have further interest in our company, products and history, please have a look at our company website www.helsa.com